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What kind of jeans are you?

Bootleg? Skinny? Boyfriend? Slouchy? Straight leg?

I’m partial to flared jeans, which is fortunate as flares are back in fashion. Personally, I couldn’t be happier to see the end of the skinny jeans craze. I don’t have any issues with the way they look, though I’ve yet to see a man look comfortable in a pair. Skinny jeans have an issue with me. They look fine if you have a figure like Cameron Diaz or Kate Moss, i.e. slim and lean with not a saddle bag to be seen. If you’re short and have a pear shaped figure like mine, then skinny jeans make you look like a shrink-wrapped leg of ham.

Flares, on the other hand, are an extremely flattering item of clothing. They make your legs look longer, your body leaner and balance your overall silhouette. However, I would advise against teaming flares with a baggy peasant top, cork wedges and a floppy hat like Just Jeans model, unless you want to look like a cast member from Hair. Instead, this spring I plan on wearing flare jeans Rachel Bilson style.

Comfortable yet chic.

Will you still be clinging faithfully to your skinny jeans this spring? What kind of jeans do you wear?

Jeggings are not pants.

Supre landed itself in hot water this week after their ad campaign for ‘jeggings’ – featuring a topless model and a sexually suggestive TV commercial – was slammed for sexualising tween girls.

The ad has been taken down and is now being investigated by the Advertising Standards Bureau. You can view the image, watch the ad and a ‘behind the scenes’ documentary here on Mumbrella. I’m very glad the ads have been pulled. My husband and I first saw the image on the back of the bus while driving home and were baffled as to why they didn’t just put a top on the model.

A lot has been written on how the ad sexualises young girls, but I think we’re missing another big offender in this whole campaign: the jeggings. Oh the jeggings. Aside from the fact that tight, shiny fabric swathed across the bottom is a bad move for anyone who isn’t Pippa Middleton, Supre seems to have forgotten that leggings are not pants, even if they come with painted on pockets. Note to the girls who hang out at Broadway shops: if I can see your underwear through stretchy fabric, you need to go home and change. And if you aren’t sure whether your pants are appropriate, this clever diagram by Amy Sly for BuzzFeed (which I found through Ali’s blog) should clear things up a little.

Now, I’m not dissing leggings completely. I ranted about this to my husband the other day and he pointed out that I often wear leggings, so my anti-jeggings stance was somewhat hypocritical. It’s true; I’m a big fan of the ‘black leggings under short dress’ look, especially with a nice pair of boots and a scarf. I think the key to appropriate legging-wear is how long your top is, more specifically, whether it covers your bottom. Long shirts are okay.  Dresses definitely. Oversized T-shirts are also fine. But tight singlet tops? Silky camisoles? Shirts tied around the midriff, like I saw on a sales girl the other day? Not on.

Do you think jeggings proper attire? What was your reaction to the Supre jeggings ad?

Fashion from a bygone era.

When was the first time you realised you were no longer young?

For me it was earlier this week, while standing in front of my wardrobe deciding what to wear. We all know how fashion mimics different eras, like acid wash jeans from the 80s or waist-cinching dresses that belong at a 50s tea party. Well, that morning I found myself putting on what I thought was an ‘on trend’ outfit: black leggings, oversized T-shirt, coloured bangles, navy canvas sneakers. At the back of my mind was the niggling thought, “I feel like I’ve seen this outfit somewhere before.” Then I realised I had. On me, when I was eleven in 1993. It’s finally happened; fashion is parodying me. Hipsters are riding bikes and playing on their Macs in clothes I used to wear as a child.


And it’s not just the wardrobe. Mainstream culture is conspiring against me; archiving my childhood memories as icons from a bygone era. Bands I remember from my teenage years like The Backstreet Boys are doing reunion tours. My favourite music is now on Mix 106.5. Shows I used to watch as a kid – Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, Astroboy – are now considered kitsch. Meanwhile, I’m increasingly finding myself watching ABC Kids and being bewildered. Why is Katy Perry on Sesame Street? When did Thomas the Tank Engine evolve from quaint model train to a CGI character? And why on earth are we watching animals do yoga beneath a giant mandala??

There’s no point mourning the fact that I’m no longer young. Instead, I’m going to embrace my more mature status. You know how you used to raid your mum’s wardrobe as a kid, enamoured by her vintage glomesh handbags, gloves and pearls? Well I look forward to being that mother, floral print leggings and denim shirts in tow (but not Hypercolour T-shirts. They were never cool).

What do you miss about the 90s?